Be A Writer

Welcome to our dedicated area for writers, authors, reviewers and testers. Here you will find information on all aspects of content creation and new product development including how to present a new product concept, how to become a Pearson writer, author, reviewer or tester, some FAQs and who to contact.

We are actively seeking new writers for assessment questions, case studies and questions related to video material on some of our established MyLab products. We are also keen to hear from educators interested in exploring ideas for simulations or for entirely new products. We are committed to developing all of our elearning resources alongside the educators and students who will be using them, so we are always looking for those who are keen to test our newest ideas in a working demo.

Thinking about writing for Pearson?

At Pearson, we recognise that not all learners are the same, whether they're studying in the classroom or the workplace. We believe in making learning personal and that's why we're developing a wide-range of learning resources to suit all learning and teaching styles.

As learners and courses change so do we, and so we are always looking for exciting new projects to work on and new writers to work with. If you have ideas to explore for, assessment or learning technologies, apps, simulations, books (electronic or physical), or something else entirely, why not get in touch with us?

Your benefits as a Pearson writer

  • Elite brands, with world class reputations
  • Active coaching and expertise in how best to deliver content in a variety of formats
  • Excellence in product development and design
  • Experience in innovation
  • Access to more markets, from schools through to higher education and learning in the workplace
  • Global reach and strength in sales and marketing.